Hand crafted clay miniature angels.Hand crafted clay miniature animals.Hand crafted clay miniature flowers.Hand crafted clay miniature snowmen.Hand crafted clay miniatures.The Ledge Collection hand made clay miniatures.

Miniature FlowersThe Ledge Collection includes individually HAND-CRAFTED clay miniature flowers which are meticulous in detail and beautifully finished. Customized designs are our specialty!


Sunflower Sunflower
Aprrox 1-1/2" tall. This sunflower will add a little sunshine to your day!
Item #F04SUN $7.00
Item # F04SUN
Yellow Daffodils Yellow Daffodils
At aprox. 1" tall these lovely daffodils with their yellow and orange colors just seem to sparkle don't they?
Item #F04YDAF $7.00
Item # F04YDAF
Peach Daffodil Flower Miniature Collectible Gift

Peach Daffodils

Aprox 1" tall these are one of my favorite. They are a soft peachy color on white petals. Simply got to have!

Item #F05PDAF $7.00

Item # F05PDAF


Red Daffodils Flower Miniature Unique Gift

Red Daffodils

These red and white daffodils are beautiful aren't they? Make it part of your collection today!

Item #F05RDAF $7.00

Item # F05RDAF


Wildflowers Wildflowers
Won't these colorful array of wildflowers really set nicely in your home as they do in their matching decorated vase?! Aprox. 1-1/4" tall.
Item #F04WIL $7.00
Item # F04WIL
Pink Coneflowers Pink Coneflowers
Group these three Pink Coneflowers together and you get elegance and beauty showcased in a black and white marbled vase at aprox 1-1/4" tall.
Item #F04PICON $7.00
Item # F04PICON
Blackeyed Susans Blackeyed Susans
A beautiful array of three Blackeyed Susans show off nicely in this black and white marbled vase. Aprox. 1-1/4" tall.
Item #F04BSUS $7.00
Item # F04BSUS
Red Tulips Red Tulips
Unique in red - these tulips really are eyecatching! Aprox. 1-1/8" tall.
Item #F04RETU $7.00
Item # F04RETU
Dark Purple Tulips Dark Purple Tulips
Purple's pleasing to the eye especially when these tulips look like their tips have just been dipped! Aprox. 1- 1/8" tall.
Item #F04DPTU $7.00
Item # F04DPTU
Bright Peach Tulips Unique Miniature Flower Gift

Bright Peach Tulips

If peach is your favorite color, you'll be pleased when you see theses! Peach is such a lovely color. Aprox 1 1/8" tall.

Item #F05BPTU $7.00

Item # F05BPTU


Yellow Tulips Yellow Tulips
If yellow is one of your favorite colors these tulips will definately brighten you up everytime you see them! Aprox. 1-1/8" tall.
Item #F04YETU $7.00
Item # F04YETU
Light Purple Tulips Light Purple Tulips
Aprox. 1-1/8" tall these purple tulips are enhanced with dark purple tips to really bring beauty and attention to themselves!
Item #F04LPTU $7.00
Item # F04LPTU
Yellow Flower with Butterfly Yellow Flower with Butterfly
What a site! A tiny little orange butterfly landed on this aprox. 1" tall beautiful yellow flower.
Item #F04YELBUT $6.00
Item # F04YELBUT
Pink Tulips Pink Tulips
Aprox. 1-1/8 " tall these pretty in pink tulips add a little color to any space!
Item #F04PITU $7.00
Item # F04PITU
Red Roses Red Rose
Approx. 1- 1/2 ” tall - This single red rose has a realistic look but lasts much longer. It comes with it’s own decorative vase and is enhanced with babies breaths.
Item #F04RERO $6.50
Item # F04RERO
One Dozen Red Roses Unique Miniature Gift

One Dozen Red Roses

These beautiful realistic roses are simply stunning! There are 12 miniature red roses inside a floral vase and the total hight is aprox.1 1/2" tall.

Item #F06ODRR $11.50

Item # F06ODRR


Pink and White Roses Pink and White Roses
These roses are 1- 1/2" tall and aren't they beautiful.
Item #F04ROPW $7.00
Item # F04ROPW
Green Spray Green Spray
Spray a vase of greens or two - which adds balance and life to your sets. Aprox. 1-1/4" tall.
Item #F04GRSPR $4.00
Item # F04GRSPR
Peace Plant Peace Plant
Need a little green? This lovely peace plant is just what you need! Aprox. 1" tall.
Item #F04PEPLA $6.00
Item # F04PEPLA
Christmas Poinsettia Unique Miniature Collectible Gift Poinsettia
Give a different poinsettia this Christmas! Looks as pretty but lasts much longer. Aprox. 1 1/2" tall.
Item #F04POI $7.00

Item # F04POI




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Ledge Collectibles are 'brand new' little creations, handmade out of different colored clays. Each figurine is an original artist design which was created by the designer's God gifts and talents. This unique craft idea can be personalized with birthday, wedding, aniversary dates, personsalized names, in memory of..., personalized school name. Favovite photographs can be custom designed and become a family heirloom. Miniature gifts for collectors include miniature angels, miniature zoo animals,miniature farm animals, miniature wildlife, miniature snowmen, miniature flowers, miniature lighthouses, miniature sports memorabilia. A small gift box can be sent to hold the tiny treasures.