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Unique Miniature Figurines - Mascots


Unique Angel Minitures Handcrafted Inspirational Gifts


The Ledge Collection includes individually HAND-CRAFTED clay miniature mascots which are meticulous in detail and beautifully finished. Customized designs are our specialty!


Black Panther School Mascot GiftBison School Mascot Gift

Lion School Moscot GiftIndian or Worrior School Mascot Gift

Hornet School Mascot GiftTiger School Mascot Gift

Spartans School Mascot GiftMountaineer School Mascot Gift


What's your schools' mascot?

What's your team sport?

Email your mascot request and specify your sport.

( add a balloon to include name and # on it.)

Item # M05 MAS $8.50

Item # M05MAS


Specify Your School's Mascot, Sport and Balloon Text Here:


Soccer Lion School Mascot Gift

Soccer Mascot

Go! Lions Go!

Enjoy this little soccer player with team spirit!

Aprox. 1 1/2" tall.

Item #M05 SOMAS $8.00



Item # M05 SOMAS


Specify Your Balloon Text Here:
Baseball Lion School Mascot Gift

Baseball Mascot

Place Your # on the ball and your Name on the bat to be extra special!

Aprox. 1" tall.

Item #M05BASMAS $8.00

Item # M05BASMAS


Specify Your Balloon Text Here:


Basketball Lion Unique School Mascot Gift

Basketball Mascot

'Take your best shot!" says this B- Ball player. At aprox. 1 1/2'" tall he'll sure win some points!

Item # M05BBMAS $8.00

Item # M05BBMAS


Specify Your Balloon Text Here:


Footbal Lion Unique School Mascot Gift

Football Mascot

Football Fans are everywhere so have a little fan of your own. Aprox. 1 1/2" tall.

Item #M05FBMAS $8.00

Item # M05FBMAS


Specify Your Balloon Text Here:


Pom Pom & Cheerleader School Mascot Gift

Cheerleader Mascot

Let's say a little cheer for this mini mascot!

Aprox. 1" tall.

Item #M05PPMAS $8.00

Ittem # M05PPMAS


Specify Your Balloon Text Here:

volleyball unique school mascot gift

Volleyball Mascot

"Spike!" This is the best player to have on your team! Aprox. 1 1/2 " tall.

Item #M05VBMAS $8.00

Item # M05VBMAS

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Tennis School Mascot Gift

Tennis Mascot

"Luv" -Love to have a tennis buddy like this one!Aprox. 1 1/4" tall.

Item # M05TEMAS $8.50

Item # M05TEMAS

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Wrestling Mascots -Personalized Miniature Gift for School Wrestling Team

Wrestling Mascot

"1,2,3...Break!" These little guys are a treasure to have for your wrestler! Aprox. 1" tall.

Item # M05WRMAS $13.50

Item # M05WRMAS

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Track - Cross Country - Sprint - Running Mascot Miniature Gift

Sneakers Mascot

Ready, Set,...RUN! Any athelete who runs anywhere would be thrilled to get they're mascot with sneakers on!

Item # M05SNMAS $8.50

Item #M05SNMAS

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Graduation Mascot - New Unique Gift for Graduate Personalized

Graduation Mascot

A memorable school miniature that will be cherished for years to come.Aprox. 1 1/4" tall.

Item #M05GRMAS $8.00

Item #M05GRMAS

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Ledge Collectibles are 'brand new' little creations, miniatures handmade out of different colored clays. Each small inspirational angel figurine is an original artist design which was created by the designer's God gifts and talents. This unique gift idea can be personalized with names, bible verses and sayings  for an even more personal touch! Favorite photographs can be custom designed and become a family heirloom. Unique bible miniature gifts for angel lovers & angel collectors include miniature clay angels, religous miniature angels, rejoicing miniature angles, inspirational miniature angel figurines, custom miniature angels, praying miniture angel figurines. All of these are unique angel gifts and a small gift box can be sent by mail to hold the tiny unique treasures and make a wonderful Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift or Church Gift!