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Snowmen Clay MiniaturesThe Ledge Collection includes individually HAND-CRAFTED clay miniature snowmen which are meticulous in detail and beautifully finished. Customized designs are our specialty!


Steelers Snowman - Unique Sport Gift for Steelers Fans

Sports Snowman

Got a sports fan? This would be a very unique addition to anyone's collection! Aprox 1 1/4" tall.

Item # S05SPO $8.00

Item #S05SPO

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Redskins Snowman - Very Unique Sports Gift for Redskin Fans

Sports Snowman

Got a sports fan? This would be a very unique addition to anyone's collection! Aprox. 1 1/4" tall.

Item #S05SPO $8.00

Item #S05SPO

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Snowman and Crocus Crocus Snowman
Even this snowman admires the first sign of spring - the snow crocus! Aprox. 3/4" tall.
Item # S04CRO $5.50
Item # S04CRO
Making Firends Snowmen Making Friends
Approx. ¾’ tall – This fun little snowman with a bright red scarf wanted to make friends so he literally does!
Item # S04MAK $5.50
Item # S04MAK
Golfing Snowman Golfing Snowman
I love golfing so much it doesn't matter what the season! Aprox. 3/4"tall.
Item # S04GOL $5.50
Item # S04GOL
Snowball Snowman Snowball Snowman
Snowball hold a sign that has the year on it and he's ready for his snowball fight! Aprox. 3/4" tall.
Item # S04SNO $5.50
Item # S04SNO
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Snowman with Scarf Scarf Snowman
This snowman feels a little patriotic with his red, white and blue scarf. Let him spread the spirit!  Aprox. 3/4" tall.
Item # : S04SCA $5.50
Item # : S04SCA
Tubing Snowman Tubing Snowman
Look Out! This snowman's going for the ride of his life in his 'contact' snow-tube. Ya gotta see this! Aprox. 1/2" tall.
Item # S04TUB $5.50
Item # S04TUB
Fishing Snowman Fishing Snowman
Don't let this "catch of the day" get away. Get one for the fisherman in your life! Approx 3/4" tall
Item # S04FIS $5.50
Item # S04FIS
Surfing Snowman Surfing Snowman
Think summer and winter at the same time - that's why this snowman is surfing! Aprox.3/4" tall.
Item # S04SUR $5.50
Item # S04SUR
Soccer Snowman Soccer Snowman
Know anyone who likes to play soccer? This snowman can't get enough! Aprox. 1" tall.
Item # S05SOC $6.00
Item # S05SOC
Baseball Snowman Baseball Snowman
No going to the dugout for this guy! He'll play in the hardest of winters anytime! Aprox. 1" tall.
Item #S05BAS $6.00
Item # S05BAS
Basketball Snowman Basketball Snowman
'Love for the game' is what this guys got! Take him on in a snowy court and you won't have a chance! Aprox. 1" tall.
Item #S05BAK $6.00
Item # S05BAK
Sagura Catus Snowman Unique Miniature Gift

Cactus Snowman

Ever see snow in the Arizona Deserts? Well this little snowman has -but is dazzled by the flowers in bloom on the catus.

Item #S05CAC $6.50



Item #S05CAC

Winter Hat Snowman - Cute Unique New Gift for Snowman Collectors

Funky-hat Snowman

Snowmen need to dress warm too! Of course he's got to have the coolest hat and scarf around!

Aprox 1" tall

Item #S05FUN $5.50



Item #S05FUN

Snowman Ornament Miniature Unique Gift

Ornament Snowman

Personalize this cute snowman for each one in your family and treasure them every year! Year is stamped on bottom. Aprox. 1 1/4" tall.

Item #S05ORN $7.00



Item # S05ORN

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Unique Snowman Miniature Ledge Collectibles are 'brand new' little creations, handmade out of different colored clays. Each unique figurine gift is an original artist design.Unique Handmade Miniature Snowmen come in a variety of different forms.  Sports Snowmen can be personalized to suit any sports fan.  They are very unique gifts for any sports fan or sports team.  There are many other unique snowmen gifts including cactus snowmen, fishing snowmen, surfing snowmen, sleding snowmen, basketball snowmen, soccer snowmen, baseball snowmen, ornament snowmen, golf snowmen and tubing snowmen.  So check out all these unique snowmen gifts and you will find something unique for everyone!  These miniature snowmen's height are amazingly aprox. 1 inch tall!